The Wise Woman Holistic Health Explained

There are three primary health traditions in the field of holistic medicine. There is the Ancient Greek holistic health belief called the Heroic Health Tradition that separates the body into four sections called humors. When there is a problem with one or more of these humors, there is a problem with the entire body. There is the Scientific belief that treats our bodies as functional machine-like entities that from time to time will need adjustments, corrections and repairs. The scientific belief is both preventative and corrective in nature. Finally, there is the Wise Woman tradition that will be explained in greater detail in this article.
Everyone’s Body is Nourished Uniquely for the Whole Person
The oldest belief system of the traditions is the Wise Woman. The third tradition is the oldest tradition of them all, the Wise Woman tradition. In the Wise Woman belief, the body is nourished uniquely for the whole body of each individual. Nourishment unquestionably concerns diet, but it is so much more. Everything that the body perceives through our senses-- sight, noises, thoughts, information, odors -- becomes part of us. Many people eat a diet of junk food when it comes to what they take in other than food, such as garbage television. Not controlling the amount of chaos allowed into your life is also junk food to the nervous system. 
Wise Woman Holistic Practices Add to the Human Condition
In the Wise Woman belief, the principles put into practice are based upon understanding that our bodies are formed in perfection. The heroic tradition encourages us to criticize ourselves, to accept as true that any health problem is self-induced. Healing is taking in the total body. Holistic Wise Woman practices strive not to take away, but to add to the human condition and support when needed.