What Is Ear Candling And What Are Its Benefits?

Ear candling is a practice commonly conducted by doctors who focus on practicing alternative medicine. Ear candling, which is also called ear coning, is not a new procedure by any means; ancient cultures including the Egyptians seem to have practiced ear candling. Its proponents perform ear candling in order to remove wax, fungus, and other materials from inside the ear canals. 
Specially designed beeswax candles are used during ear candling procedures. The candles are usually between 9 and 12 inches long and are burned for about 10 minutes each during a normal session. A round plate with a hole in the middle is typically used for ear candling so that the candle can sit inside the ear but wax and fungus leaving the ear is trapped on the plate. As the candle burns, smoke creates a weak vacuum that pulls debris out of the ear canal.
People who have suffered an ear injury in the past can benefit from ear candling since they tend to have greater build ups of fungus and wax than the average person. A person who wears hearing aids will also have excessive wax in their ears and can be helped by means of ear candling.  
Ear candling is performed in spas and alternative doctors’ offices. When done in a local spa, a session will usually last between 30 and 60 minutes and will cost $40 to $80. Some people are concerned about dangers from wax dripping into the ears, but ear candling is safe when performed by an experienced professional.   While some researchers have raised concerns about the practice, many patients and professionals continue to advocate the benefits of ear candling.