Medical Disciplines in the Holistic Field of Medicine Explained

There are several medical disciplines in the holistic field of medicine. There are three, Wise Woman, Heroic and the Scientific Traditions. Each form of holistic medicine will overlap with all the disciplines, but there are some differences as well. We will discuss each discipline so that you will gain an understanding of each area of expertise or practice that each performs.

Ancient Greek Holistic Medicine
The heroic belief is also known as alternative medicine. The ancient Greeks practiced this type of holistic medicine and this is based on the idea that there are humors separated into four sections. They believed that disease will occur when there is a disruption in the humors. Modern terminology for humors is known as toxins in the body.

Miracle Healers
"Miracle" healers promote the cleansing of the intestinal tract or colon. This form of treatment is useful, but should be very carefully controlled by a practiced healer and not sent through the mail to an individual who may not understand the dangers of this type of treatment. Food poisoning would be a very good reason to cleanse your system, but again, this should be very controlled by someone who is a licensed holistic practitioner or a health care professional. 

Watch Your Combinations of Herbal Substances
This holistic belief regularly makes use of stimulants, sedations, and very strong herbal combinations that could be potentially poisonous. The complicated mixture of herbs of several herbal substances can be dangerous and this is why this discipline is known as the Heroic discipline. The start of the pharmaceutical engineering as scientists' and researchers tested different properties from plants and created "safe" dosages of pharmaceuticals.

Preventative and Corrective Treatments
The Scientific belief treats our bodies as machines and follows the thought that every so often they will need to be "adjusted and repaired". Health is considered a measurement in the Scientific belief. The body is to be fueled or fed by the numbers. There is an advantage to the Scientific belief in the way that this tradition practices preventative medicine as well as corrective medicine.