Healthy Weight Guide – Two Reasons to Maintain a Healthy Weight

When it comes to the battle of the bulge, no matter how serene your temperament, you have to put up a good struggle. A healthy weight guide will influence your future health, and it will also make you look and feel better. Don’t be disheartened if your last diet effort didn’t help you loose weight, or life events have caused you to put on weight. You need to learn how to lose weight and keep it off, and use the healthy weight guide to check the optimum range for your height.
Are you using the healthy weight guide to positively influence your diet and exercise efforts? Here are two reasons to do so:
  1. Maintaining a mass within the range stipulated by the healthy weight guide decreases your risk of lifestyle diseases
Being overweight raises your risk of developing high blood pressure, which tends to rise as body weight increases. Losing even ten pounds can lower blood pressure – and it has the greatest effect for those who are overweight and already have hypertension. Being overweight is also a risk factor for heart disease, since it increases your chance of developing high blood cholesterol and diabetes.
  1. Obesity can cause mental and emotional problems
This is particularly true for teenagers, who are prone to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Many teens aspire to be like the thin women that are portrayed as beautiful by the media. For this reason, if you’re a teen and you’d like to begin a weight loss regime, it’s a good idea to use the healthy weight guide, and also to let your parents in on your plan.
Losing weight isn’t just a matter of looking good. It’s also about staying healthy. Heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer are just a few of the lifestyle diseases that you can acquire as a result of carrying extra pounds.