Healthy Hair Guide – Guidelines for People Who Want Gorgeous Tresses

This healthy hair guide is meant for persons who are experiencing never-ending aggravation from a feature that should be their crowning glory. You will learn about the foods and hair products that are important for healthy hair, whether you wear your locks long, or you favor short hair styles. The healthy hair guide below offers some quick, but effective exercises – specifically designed for those who want a low-maintenance look – to keep your tresses strong and prevent damage.
Healthy Hair Guide Exercise No. 1: Step Out of the Shower, and Into the Kitchen
According to Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, a Chicago-based dietician, “your hair grows about quarter to half inch every month, and the foundation of all our new hair, skin, and nail growth is the nutrients we eat.” You’ll never have rope-thick tresses if you were born with fine, thin hair, regardless of what you consume, but a well-balanced diet that comprises ample growth-promoting protein and iron can be important, say food and hair specialists.
Healthy Hair Guide Exercise No. 2: When It Comes to Shampoo, Go Natural
Christyn Nawrot, a regional educator for Phyto shampoo, says, “All shampoos contain cleansers.” But those with naturally derived cleansers are less apt to deprive your hair of essential oils. Prior to applying shampoo or conditioner, soften them in your hands for maximum benefit. Massage the emulsified product to the roots, crown and then down the sides of the head.
Healthy Hair Guide Exercise No. 3: Wash Hair Regularly
If you leave your hair for more than a few days between washings, not only will it look (and smell) terrible, but dirt will also get stuck under its surface causing breakage and other damage, as well as dandruff. If your hair has been chemically treated, you should condition it after each wash, because chemicals strip hair of its natural oils.