Stay In Shape By Traveling With A Jump Rope

Whether it is for business or pleasure, traveling can cause a huge disruption in your regular schedule. This is especially true of your normal exercise routine. If you are used to going to the gym several days a week or using home fitness equipment, you are probably worried about how you can stick to your schedule while you are away from home. Traveling with a jump rope is one way to get in some basic exercises and stay in shape on the days you are out of town and can’t make it to the gym.
Traveling with a jump rope makes great sense for several reasons. First, a jump rope is light and easy to pack; you should not have any trouble finding a little space for one in your luggage. Second, they are super convenient. No matter where you are traveling too, you can find a little free time to jump rope for a few minutes. 
Jumping rope might seem like just a game for little kids, but it can be a great way to exercise too. Before you start your jump rope routine, do some basic arm and leg stretches. The hotel parking lot where you are staying is usually a good place to do your exercise; you can find a quiet place to do stationary jumps or go rope-walking around the lot.
Remember that you want to keep yourself fit even though you are not at the gym. That means that you want to work up a sweat jumping rope. A 30 to 45 minute routine plus warm up and cool down stretches should be good enough to keep you fit on the days you can’t make it to the gym. Be creative and make it fun. You may like it so much that you will want to start using a jump rope as part of your normal routine.

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