5 Main Types of Fitness Workouts

There are five main types of fitness workouts that are necessary for total health. The three types of fitness workouts are cardio, strength and flexibility. A proper balance of the three will create a regiment which will give you longevity and quality of life.
Cardio Exercise
The first kind of fitness workout that we will consider is cardiovascular or cardio exercise. The simple fact of fitness is that you cannot spot reduce body fat or tone body fat. Cardiovascular exercise is the only way to reduce extra body fat in a way that retrains your body to efficiently burn fat for fuel. You only need a moderate intensity aerobic exercise to enjoy dramatic results. Cardio exercises like walking, swimming or cycling, will cause your body to burn more calories through out the entire day not just while you are exercising. Even ten minutes a day will yield positive results that could increase your health far into the future. 
 Strength Exercise
Here are four ten minute routines that you can use increase the strength in your arms, shoulders and back. All you need is three to five pound and eight to ten pound dumbbells along with a mat or carpet. In a routine performed two or three times weekly (not on consecutive days), you begin by warming up for five minutes. This can be accomplished by marching in place while moving your arms in a scissor motion above your head while holding the dumbbells. Do two sets of ten to twelve reps each on both sides. Take thirty second rest breaks between each set. Do this consistently three times a week consistently all year long and you will discover a level of fitness that you are sure to appreciate. 
Flexibility is Important
Warm up for a better work out, to avoid injuries and to reduce the amount of soreness experienced after a workout. Stretching is also a way to lubricate your joints and get blood flowing to your muscles. Here is the key to good stretching. At the beginning and end of each workout, take five minutes to thoroughly stretch. This will enable you to maintain full range of motion in your joints and muscles. Consider the calves, shins and quad muscles. Along with the buttocks, hips and hamstrings stretch the muscles that you generally use the most. Hold each stretch for at least thirty seconds and repeat the cycle several times. Maintaining your flexibility will enable you to continue your fitness workouts for a long time to come.

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