Fighting Cancer with Nutrition – Three Miracle Fruits and Vegetables

Fighting cancer with nutrition is important, especially since cancer-related fatigue associated with chemotherapy is frequently made worse if you are not eating and drinking enough or if you are not eating the correct foods. You need to get ample protein and vitamins as treatment for cancer, and ensure that your fluid intake is adequate.
Here are three fruits and vegetables to add to your diet right now so you can be successful in fighting cancer with nutrition.
  1. Mushrooms
Mushrooms contain special properties that can help our bodies in fighting cancer with nutrition. There are three types of mushrooms currently being studied by medical researchers for cancer treatment: maitake, shiitake and reishe. Maitake is the finest of all three when it comes to cancer-fighting properties, since it contains gafilon, a form of polysaccharide or sugar molecule that can stimulate one of the top components of the immune system, called macrophages.
  1. Spinach
Popeye the Sailor Man’s miracle food is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to have an anti-carcinogenic effect in the laboratory. Other foods that contain fats that are important for fighting cancer with nutrition are flaxseeds, mustard greens, fish and olive oil.
  1. Beans
Protein is especially important in order for you to get well and decrease your risk of infection, whether you’re suffering from skin cancer or leukemia. For cancer sufferers, who may need to limit their meat intake, this can come from a plant-based diet with beans providing protein in combination with grains so you can obtain all the amino acids for tissue repair. Beans are also a good source of iron, which you will need in order to recover from blood loss during surgery.
When fighting cancer with nutrition, keep in mind that color makes a difference in fruit and vegetables. The darker colors appear to be the most powerful cancer fighters.